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What Does "Second Gear" Mean?

If first gear is for

The second gear is for acceleration.

Business operating systems (like EOSⓇ) help businesses create structure and accountability.  But these systems can’t have all the answers.  Our group continues the momentum created by operating systems.  We share our specialized expertise with small businesses ready for the next level.

The Non-Profit & Entrepreneurial Business Growth "Gears"

1st Gear

tracks icon.png

Escape survival mode and gain stability. Lay solid foundations upon which to build your business. You need a Business Operating System.

2nd Gear


The Business Operating Systems put solid foundations in place. What's missing? Specialized expertise like Marketing, Accounting, Process Development, etc to help you accelerate.

Core Pillars

Our beliefs and our actions to support Non-Profits and Small Businesses with BIG missions

Meet the Board of Directors

Help First Leaders

Our board represents some of the most trusted experts and thought leaders in the small business community. They have a passion for giving back and sharing and we're so grateful for their Leadership.


Dedication and Service

Looking back it's obvious where The Second Gear Group Inc. came from.  Wherever our founder, Kyle Mealy, goes there's a massive positive impact on communities, non-profits, and entrepreneurial businesses.  He sits on the board of his wife's successful non-profit, he has sat on the board of a public safety community group putting National Night Out events, and has helped businesses he's involved in give back nearly $100,000 to organizations that serve the community.  So bridging his love of Non-Profits and Entrepreneurial businesses was an obvious way to take his dedication to giving back to the Next Level.

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